Teach Your Children Spanish in Just 5 Easy Steps!

Learning to speak Spanish can open many doors for people, whether it’s for work, travel or leisure. In fact, Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people as their primary language and millions more as a secondary language. So, if you are interested for your kids to learn Spanish, now would be the best time to teach them.

After all, acquiring a new language is easier when you are a child. Teaching them to speak Spanish may seem like a difficult task to take on. So, how do you do it?

Here are five simple steps you can do to ensure that your child can benefit from all the advantages of learning Spanish…plus a popular video from youtube.com



STEP ONE: Immerse your kids in the Spanish culture.

Many people learn by using the immersion method. However, not everyone can afford to bring their children to a foreign country. But, there are other feasible and practical options you can try. Find other kids that speak Spanish and get the kids to play together. You may also have relatives that speak Spanish, and perhaps you can request them to help your child learn.

STEP TWO: Harness the power of music.

A hard and straight forward lesson may not always be practical, especially when it comes to teaching kids. Studies show that we learn better when we are relaxed. Find some soothing Spanish music that your children can listen to as they go to sleep. You will be surprised how much learning they can pick up during the night. Also, try to find some children’s melodies that they will enjoy.

STEP THREE: Provide lessons on-the-go.

Get an MP3 player and always have it handy. Your child can listen to Spanish lessons while in the car with you or while you are out shopping and running errands. Kids enjoy MP3 players and will love to learn Spanish this way.

STEP FOUR: Maximize their time watching TV.

Learning should be fun. There are many Spanish movies and cartoons available that your child can watch to help them learn Spanish. For instance, programs such as Dora the Explorer help teach Spanish to children by using words from both languages to help the child learn new words.

STEP FIVE: Enroll them in a language class.

There are many classes available for all age groups that provide an ideal environment to acquire a new language. Your kids will surely enjoy learning Spanish with others their age. The bonus is the new friendships they can make and the new support system they will have with these friends.

There are many benefits your kids can get when they learn how to speak Spanish. Just always remember to look for ways to make their learning more fun and exciting. Follow the steps above so your child can learn to express themselves and enjoy the language in no time. Experiment and determine what works best for you and your kids. Soon, you’ll hear them speak Spanish very easily, quickly and most importantly, have an excellent time doing it.